I heard you’ve been following the buzz about MS Dhoni’s retirement from IPL. It’s been all over the headlines lately! People can’t stop speculating about whether he’ll retire or not. But guess what? The real question is, what will Dhoni do after retirement? Hmm, have you thought about it?

Well, I did some digging and it turns out that the man has some pretty interesting plans for his post-cricket life. You see, while the experts are busy predicting his IPL retirement, Dhoni has been quietly practicing with Chennai Super Kings. But when he’s not knocking balls out of the park, he’ll be spending his time doing something completely unexpected. And here’s the list: 


Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s close friend and business partner, Arun Pandey, has revealed that Dhoni plans to spend more time with his family and focus on his business ventures after retiring from cricket. Dhoni’s friend also revealed that the cricketer is interested in expanding his business ventures, which include the fitness industry and organic farming. Pandey stated that Dhoni wants to make a difference in people’s lives through these ventures.


With such pervasive prevalence, it is indisputable that endorsing brands is a lucrative venture for him. Ranging from the online web page constructor GoDaddy to MasterCard and Gulf Engine Oil, the former cricket player has sanctioned brands of all categories. The Economic Times has reported that his fee for endorsement lies between Rs 8 and 12 crore, and it is reasonable to believe that his retirement would not impact this greatly.


It appears that Dhoni is a versatile individual who does not limit himself to a single pursuit. Even while playing cricket, he undertook various roles such as captain, wicketkeeper, batsman, and finisher, and excelled in each one of them. Beyond cricket, the erstwhile Indian cricket player has made investments in diverse ventures such as sportswear brand Seven, ISL football team Chennaiyin FC, a racing team in the Supersport World Championship, and hockey team Ranchi Rays. The legendary cricketer also boasts the ownership of a chain of fitness centers called SportsFit.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the former captain and skipper of Team India, is all geared up to make his acting debut with the upcoming mythological sci-fi web series, Atharva: The Origin. On his Facebook page, Dhoni shared the first glimpse teaser of the series and announced, “Happy to announce my new avatar, Atharva.” The story revolves around Dhoni fighting against a legion of demons in a contemporary graphic novel format. The series is touted to be a “new age graphic novel” and is an adaptation of debutant author Ramesh Thamilmani’s unpublished book of the same name.

Dhoni Entertainment, the media company founded by Dhoni and his wife, Sakshi Singh Dhoni, in 2019, will produce the series.

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