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Kalpesh Mistry

“The creative eye”

This Entrepreneur- Leader- Founder- Researcher and what not, is basically the backbone of

Kalpesh’s interests lies in writing, researching and editing. was one of his initial efforts as a blogger. This Marwari guy never fails to compromise in visualising, productivity and ensuring the best in the final content. It’s relatively difficult to define his commendable credibility as a media planner.

You can email him at [ ]

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Khushboo Tiwari

“I am a paradox”

This girl from the pink city, Jaipur, has grown into a typical Mumbaikar. Khushboo’s coffee addiction and being a night owl adds to her creative persona. Whenever you could find her, she would either be juggling around or she’d be seen immersed in her book. She is a passionate reader and a writer. This political science graduate is here to fly high in the journalism field.

You can email her at [ ]

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Manav Raval

“The spontaneous scribe”

Knowing him may seem easier but you will never be close enough. This inquisitive person with immense hunger of Knowledge is a BMS graduate from Mumbai. Manav’s interests lies in World politics and writing on issues and plots that bud in his creative mind. Choosing Journalism as profession, he wants to ensure positive influence; making his presence felt.

You can email him at [ ]

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