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Why regaining of Aleppo was important

A quick read over the turmoil of Aleppo.

For a long time now we have been seeing a clamour in the international media with news of Aleppo. Syrian news reports, online networking efforts and articles have been highlighting the battle of Syrian individuals for quite a long time but finally Aleppo has been recaptured by the Syrian government.

The army on Thursday said that it has retaken full control over the Eastern Aleppo which was captured by the rebels for more than four years.

When did it all begin?

Syria Arab Spring

Image Credit: YNETNEWS

In the spring of 2011, numerous Syrians began challenging the government in a development over the Middle East known as the Arab spring. The administration and nonconformists in the end began conflicting and this emitted into a war. There was the armed force of the administration, the revolt assemble and numerous other gathering rose.

Who are the participants?


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More or less here are the fundamental powers that are battling in Syria:

The government of Bashar al-Assad is fortified by the Syrian army and is supported mostly by Shias. They also have a support of Iraq, Iran and Hezbollah. Russia also bolstered Bashar administration because of their connection with his father and the political fellowship that they have developed.

On the other hand the rebel troops are numerous, they are essentially upheld by local warriors and Turkey. The United States is additionally not an enthusiast of Bashar because of his cold-hearted practices and resistance of the attack of Iraq and a few different reasons. Then comes the third big party, ISIS. They are also fighting for control in this territory.

Why is Aleppo so important?

Aleppo location map

Image Credit: Google Maps

Aleppo is vital to both the strengths since it is extremely close to the Turkish outskirt through which the rebels can keep on gaining supplies. Now that the administration have control over Aleppo, it will be very difficult for the rebels to get their supplies from Turkey. In February 2016, numerous years after the fact the administration had begun to endeavour to recover Aleppo, they have finally succeeded to do so.

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